We offer both crates for hire and crates for sale. Our low-cost crate hire service is popular around Dublin, both for businesses moving and people moving house.

Advantages of Crates over Cardboard Boxes

  • Crates are usually easier to carry than boxes - an important consideration for example if there are stairs or the van is parked a distance from the entrance.
  • Hiring crates is better for the environment - boxes would have to be disposed of when used.
  • Crates can withstand being loaded with heavy items without risk of the bottom falling out which can happen sometimes with cardboard boxes (usually when they are not suitable moving boxes).
  • Because crates are stronger and more stackable than cardboard boxes, they be stacked higher in the removal van without risk of falling over.
  • Crates are lidded so don’t need rolls of tape to fasten as would be the case with boxes.
  • Crates can be stacked neatly in the new location while waiting to be unpacked.
  • When empty, crates can be nested into each other so don't take up as much space as empty boxes would.

Crate Details

  • Very strong boxes made of polypropylene
  • Integrated inter-locking lids
  • 6 drainage holes in the base
  • Unique tamper-evident security seal fixing provides security in distribution
  • Stacking 5-8 high, carrying a unit load of between 25-75kg (depending on model)
  • Hinged lid cannot be separated from container and lost
  • Nesting 75% when empty.
  • Multiple labelling positions.

Crate Measurements

  • External dimensions: L 710 x W 460 x H 368mm
  • Internal dimensions: L 597 x W 374 x H 330mm
  • Nested height: 80 mm.
  • Weight: 4.3kg